Emergency - Urgency

To a citizen who is in condition of Emergency, the Hospital secures an adequate reply to his/her necessity.
The way for Emergency - Urgency is activated:

  • by telephone, calling phone n. 118;
  • by direct access to first aid station;
  • on indication of any doctor or by activating the doctor on duty.

Doctor on duty

The " doctor on duty " service secures place of residence interventions for night -time, festive and "on Saturdays" urgency.
The service is activated from 8 p.m. to a.m. … all working days and from 8 a.m. on Saturdays to 8 a.m. on Mondays or on days successive to holidays.
The " doctor on duty " service can be requested by telephone and is free of charge.

Calling phone n. 118

The telephone service " 118 " is coordinated by an Emergency Radio/Phone Exchange which assures first aid assistance in the quickest time. The Emergency Radio/Phone Exchange is connected with the service of medical cars and the first aid stations of territorial and regional Hospitals.
The operator who received the emergency call, values, on the grounds of available information, the gravity of the case and sends for a fit means of trasport.

Direct access to first aid station

To every patient who is taken to a first aid station is assigned from a nurse a code of access distinguished by a fit colour to point out the seriousness of the case.

RED CODE identifies serious cases involving immediate danger of life.
YELLOW CODE identifies patients with important and urgent symptoms.
GREEN CODE identifies health problems which do not compromise vital functions.
If the services supplied are postponed, the patient could pay a fixed first aid charge.
WHITE CODE identifies less serious cases that could be treated by a family doctor.

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